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Educate ourselves and other groups and individuals in the community about climate change science and psychology and about personal responses in order to mitigate and prepare for climate change.



Support short and long-range planning to deal with local environmental and social consequences of climate change.



Analyze and support legislation at local, state and national levels to reduce causes of climate change.



NPCAC is an organization by the people, for the people. Since 2007, meetings are held weekly and open to the public. Our team is a bunch of movers & shakers! Active members are volunteers of all ages- students (college/high school), middle aged folks, all the way up to those living in their twilight years!


Decisions are made by voting/group consensus during meetings, so participants can have ownership of/active contribution to group projects. We love collaborations with other organizations, and projects are chosen based on the amount of bandwidth/volunteer hours needed.


NPCAC has organized highly visible campaigns/public outreach events, which has garnered us an impeccable reputation with the community for over a decade! In 2015, NPCAC became a 501c3 organization, allowing us to receive our first tax-deductible donation. Donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations are welcome.


Thank you to our supporters!


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