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21st Earth Day Fair

Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 20th @ 11am - 4pm at the Reformed Church of New Paltz, 92 Huguenot St, New Paltz!

Earth Day Fair 2024 - New Paltz -NPCAC.png

About the Fair

This year’s theme is Planet vs. Plastics. Come learn about sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and fast fashion, as well as the 7 R’s for Green Living.


This is a free, family-friendly, zero-waste event with children’s activities, food, nature walks, and live music! There will be information and presentations on composting, plastic issues, insulation, community solar, electric vehicles and more!


Plus you can take a stroll down Huguenot Street among the United Nations flags and visit the rail trail to view educational signs about how to live more sustainably.

Find New Paltz Climate Action Coalition on Facebook for more details about this event! Sponsored by Interfaith Earth Action, the Caring for Creation Committee of the Reformed Church of New Paltz, and the New Paltz Climate Action Coalition.

For more information, contact Jim O’Dowd at 845.416.4185


Beyond Plastics

Beyond Plastics New Paltz joins a national network of groups working to end plastic pollution everywhere. Plastic is made of petrochemicals and fossil fuels, and its manufacture, use, and disposal harms the eco system and worsens the climate crisis at every phase.


To join us in eliminating plastic waste, e-mail

Greenway Environmental Services

Greenway Environmental is a local Zero Waste company. Greenway Environmental Services has developed a model for community and backyard composting.  This model is currently receiving 500-pounds of food waste a week and has the approved capacity for 1,000 pounds a week.  Greenway will provide workshops by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - and will be conducting half-hour workshops during the fair starting at noon.

Workshops During Earth Day Fair

  • Greenway will walk through the community composting system

  • Explain Greenway's weed-free garden

  • Give away free compost samples

Shabazz Jackson & Josephine Papagni

845-656-6070 & 6071

New Paltz Climate Smart Community Taskforce

This is a community group of volunteers within the NYS Climate Smart Communities program. The goals of this program are to 1) Reduce greenhouse gas emission;
2) Prepare for the impact of climate change; 3) Save taxpayer money by:

  • Building a climate-smart community.
  • Inventorying emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.

  • Decreasing energy use.

  • Shifting to clean, renewable energy.

  • Using climate-smart materials management.

  • Implementing climate-smart land use.

  • Enhancing community resilience to climate change.

  • Supporting a green innovation economy.

  • Informing and inspiring the public.

  • Engaging in an evolving process of climate action.


Repair Cafe

Repair Cafes are free community events where you bring your broken but beloved items to be fixed by experts who are also your neighbors. Popular items include: mechanical, electrical appliances, things made of wood, textiles (including zippers!), jewelry, and photography.


A calendar of all of the Repair Cafes in the Hudson Valley can be found at

Rosendale Improvement Association Brass Band & Social Club

The Rosendale Improvement Association Brass Band and Social Club is an open and integrated musical/ marching band and social club dedicated to unity and creativity. We believe that making music together is another way of making a good life for everyone in Rosendale. Join us!

Carole White

Second Nature Refillery

Second Nature Refillery is an alternative to conventional box store shopping, where thoughtfulness for the health of people & planet goes into everything we do. The majority of our selection of pantry, home & personal goods is offered unwrapped, giving consumers the rare opportunity to skip the trashy packaging as well as buy just the quantity they need. Food waste & plastic packaging in particular are major environmental detriments in the U.S., and our mission is to give regular folks a chance to tackle those issues in their everyday lives simply by changing their shopping habits. We offer refill using your own clean, dry containers - pay for the contents only, and save money & waste!


M-F: 12PM - 6:30PM

S & S: 10AM - 4PM

Wendy Toman, Owner





At SUNRUN, our mission is to build a planet run by the sun. As the largest residential solar and battery storage company in America, not only do we provide the positive impact of almost a million homes running on clean energy, we also work hard to run our business as sustainably and responsibly as possible. Sunrun is partnered with Solarcycle and is dedicated to creating a circular supply chain for the solar industry.

Joanna Dempsey, Energy Consultant & Project Assistant


Third Act

Third Act is a nonprofit organization engaging seniors who want to speak out and act up about climate change.  Stop by and learn about our opportunities!

Citizens Climate Lobby
Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency
New Paltz Climate Action Coalition
New Paltz Climate Smart Gardiner
Cornell Cooperative Extension (Ulster County)
Food & Water Watch
Green Investment
Historic Huguenot Street
New Paltz Garden Club
New Paltz Religious Society of Friends
New Yorkers for Clean Power
Pax Christi
PEO, Chapter CA from Highland

Phillies Bridge Farm
Red Cross
Spirit of Thunderheart
SUNY New Paltz, Global Change Biology
Ulster County Area Transit
Wallkill Valley Land Trust
Whimsical: Hudson Valley Jam and Jelly
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