Ice Watch Art Installation: "You are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth bel

Twelve icebergs from the waters off the coast of Greenland were shipped to Paris and setup in the form of a clock by in time for the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris. The art installation is a collaboration between Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and Danish geologist Minik Rosing. “The ice we are going to put in Paris is a tenth of what melts in a second in the Greenland summer” Ólafur told The Guardian. The formation of a clock represents the passing of time, and time is personally one of the most fascinating concepts to think about. Really, it is. Then on top of it for me, icebergs melting away shows the urgency of creating real measures to battle climate change an

GMOs & The Agro-food Industry (Rights of Nature Tribunal 2015 in Paris, Part 2)

Here's part 2 of a report on The International Rights of Nature Tribunal that was held December 4th & 5th in Paris during the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change. The purpose of the Tribunal is to "call out violations against nature and call for specific changes in governance and economic systems to repair what's been broken". Some of this new is nothing new to you, and some of it is the debated opinion of the experts; I'm reporting solely on the testimony I heard. I will include links so you can further explore the issues if you'd like to know more..... Testimony against the Agro-food industry and GMOs happened on Friday afternoon beginning with Vandana Shiva, a scientist, author and act

Rights of Nature, Laws of Man (Part One)

J'ai arrivé! I have arrived! In Paris. There were a few themes that popped up in the morning and then echoed throughout the day. One was the idea of what's intuitive vs. counter-intuitive. I was trying to buy a ticket for Paris' wonderful subway system and just couldn't seem to get the machine to work. What seemed like the way to get it to work just didn't, and I thought to myself, "This machine is counter-intuitive". The station did not have a live-person booth to inquire with, but a few people trickled in. I was going to ask for help however, my mind went blank and words could not escape my mouth. I don't know enough French to ask for help. As fate would have it, some people coul

A Weekend of Worldwide Climate Actions

Over 700,000 people around the globe participated in climate marches and rallies in 175 countries over this past weekend. According to Executive Director May Boeve "worldwide people are ready for the end of fossil fuels and the dawn of renewables. World leaders can no longer ignore this urgent call for action as the climate crisis continues to unfold. It is time for them to stand on the right side of history.” City after city, town after town! Numbers/places include 60,000 people in Melbourne and 50,000 in London with attendees including Radiohead's Thom Yorke (he Djed the event), actress Emma Thompson, musician Charlotte Church (she performed a song about climate change) and Bri

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